Saturday, August 10, 2019

Day 92. Nigerian stories

So, I worked on the Nigerian stories in the UnTextbook today, and I already had to revise my reading plan: writing up notes for a unit with no notes (and this unit had no notes) is seriously time-consuming; instead of spending one hour on Part A, it took two hours. But that's okay! I really enjoyed all the stories and had good notes to take on them, so I counted that as two reading assignments, and that's just how long it's going to take. That means I probably won't write any new units for the UnTextbook this semester... but I will definitely be able to do a good job of revising and improving the African units I have already.

I also picked out a story to start researching: Chase 80, the story of Brer Wolf under the rock, Brer Rabbit who releases him, and Brer Terrapin as the judge who gets Wolf to go back under that rock. Klipple has lots of African variants, and I had bookmarked almost all of them, plus a couple that I have in books which are not public domain. That made me really confident that I will make good use of Klipple going forward; not only will I have her summaries of the stories (which are quite detailed), I will also have the stories themselves! Here are the notes I wrote in my blog for class; it felt great to have my research from the summer spilling over into my class project already in Week 0!

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