Friday, August 9, 2019

Day 91. Reading plan for Fall semester

So today school really started; even though the official start is 10 days from now, I had the classes ready so I sent around a note to the students to see if anyone wanted to get started, and 10 students did get started, so the blog stream is now live! That inspired me to finish up the first week's worth of assignments for Myth-Folklore, which included some thoughts about a reading plan for the Fall, and I am really excited at how perfectly it is going to fall into place: there are 40 reading assignments total including all the extra credit, which will work out perfectly for me to:

revise all 8 African units = 16 half-units, one by one (I'll do that during Weeks 2-3-4-5-6-7, finishing up before the Africa part of the semester begins!)

and then add 4 more African units = 8 half-units, with 3 passes each: one to gather the materials, one to add notes, and one to proofread ... which means they will be ready to go for next semester!

And since Saturday is the day of the week when I normally work on my schoolwork as a student, that means I can start on that tomorrow, beginning with the Brer Rabbit units.

So, after planning that out, I am so confident that I will get to sustain some good momentum, even though I am going to miss my summer of non-stop stories.

One of the African units right now has Jamaican Anansi stories from Beckwith's book, so I'll start gathering up GoogleDocs of those stories soon! And I am going to be reading those stories now with an awareness of the African context that I have never had before: so exciting!!!

I also reached this round-number milestone here in my diary: 90 days of work on this project so far, and today marks day 91! I never imagined how much I could accomplish in just 90 days: now I will just have to hope that it is enough momentum and also enough foundation to keep on going during the school year. :-)

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