Friday, August 30, 2019

Day 107. Planning for tomorrow

So, this week was just hard... I'm glad it's Friday! And what I thought I might do with this blog post is use it as a "tomorrow-agenda" approach, having in mind at the end of the day today what I want to do tomorrow. And since tomorrow is Saturday (glory hallelujah!), that means I can work on Myth-Folklore reading, which will I think needs to be fixing up the Brer Rabbit units in the UnTextbook, so that will be my goal for tomorrow. I am going to swap out the eye-dialect versions (I had stripped the frame, but not the eye-dialect) with my new versions, plus improving the notes:
Brer Rabbit
More Brer Rabbit

Those units are from five years ago and, at that time, I didn't have a good handle on the Harris bibliography at all, so I worked with the stories at Gutenberg with the most abundant illustrations. So, I might also swap out some of those stories for other ones, and to do that, I will need to follow this procedure:
1. Get the time-date stamp from the story being retired.
2. Create a new post using that time-date stamp and same labels.
3. Change time-date stamp on the old post to backdate it.
4. Update the table of contents.
5. Update the forward-backward navigation.

That's a pretty tedious process, so I'll try to keep that to a minimum, but I know for sure I want to swap out the whippoorwill story; Chase did not include that, and I'm still trying to figure out what its source might be (it's a good story, and it's even aetiological... I hope I will come up with a source or analogue eventually!). And I'm also going to put a story in place of the proverbs

So, that will be a good project to start tomorrow! I think I can make it my goal to get through both units, which I'll count for Week 3 Reading A-B and Week 4 Reading A-B... and maybe I can do some of the Nigerian stories too; I'll count that as Week 3 and 4 extra if I can get to them; I really enjoyed working on those and adding the notes last time I got to sit down and work on the course.

The past two weeks have been so hectic that seems like a long time ago!

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