Saturday, August 31, 2019

Day 108. Brer Rabbit units ready to go

I finally got some time to work on Brer Rabbit, and I fixed up both the Brer Rabbit Units, One and Two, at the UnTextbook. I'm really glad to have those new versions of the stories and all the illustrations ready for people to read. Each time I copied in the story without the eye-dialect (I had already removed the Uncle Remus frame), I felt so sure people would really enjoy the stories more. I ended up ditching two of the poems, but that worked out fine given that there were three poems I replaced with prose that was longer. I took reading notes also, finding favorite stories in all four parts: 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, and 2-B.

I've also got a plan for the Brer Rabbit stories I will write for class; I did the one about wolf-under-the-rock; next I will do the tortoise and the hare (Aesop and Brer Rabbit combination), and then the tortoise-in-the-pond (inspired by the Indian jataka), and then there are two weeks I can use Brer Rabbit sources, so I'll pick two Rabbit stories then (not sure which ones), and then in Week 11 I'll be able to do a Cherokee story (or some other Native American analogue story), and finally meeting-man in Week 13... if I'm not done with the class already.

So, that's six or seven stories here at the blog, plus I'll do the Mammy-Bammy-Big-Money stories I think for the Storybook, so that's another three or four... the odds are looking good for ten stories this semester. :-)

I'm even thinking I might have that magical little bird in the story of the little rabbits be one of Mammy-Bammy-Big-Money's magical agents...

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