Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Day 95. Getting ready to launch Nights site

The Story-of-the-Day project is going really well (I'll be using that for my class announcements starting next week)... and now I think I am ready to try my reuse strategy, creating a Google Sites website for Nights with Uncle Remus. I've been using some Nights stories already as Story-of-the-Day... and if I have time tomorrow, I'm going to create a Nights site where I will use those texts plus the other stories from the Nights that I have turned into Google Docs.

Part of me thinks I am not quite ready for this experiment... but part of me says I've just got to do it; otherwise, school is going to start officially on Monday, which means for several weeks I will be feeling completely discombobulated.

So, we'll see how it goes; I may or may not have a new site to share here tomorrow. Today's Story of the Day is one of the ones from Nights:

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